Edinburgh, Scotland 2600 meetings homepage



A quick update to let everyone know the meetup is back to the first Friday of every month, from 6pm onwards, at the following location: Nobles in Leith.

See you then.


As you may know, 2600 meetups usually happen on the first Friday of each month. However, in order to provide the best environment possible to all attendees, we have decided to change this slighly. This was a decision made in partnership with the DefCon Edinburgh (DC44131) group, which will also run on these dates.

For (at least) the next 5 months, the usual Friday dates will be replaced with the first Monday of the month, with the exclusion of the 1st of January. Here are the exact next meetup dates:

    • 6th November 2017
      4th December 2017
      8th January 2018
      5th February 2018
      5th March 2018
  • The main reason for this change is so that we are able to provide a better location for the attendees, namely the Beehive Inn's first floor, which comprises of a larger and quieter space, and also includes a screen for presentations.

    The next meetup will therefore happen on:

    Monday the 6th of November 2017 @ Beehive Inn (First Floor), 18-20 Grassmarket, Edinburgh EH1 2JU

    See you then.


    We've created a simple challenge for your entertainment. The first person to solve it gets a free drink on us at this Friday's meeting!

    You can find the challenge HERE. You can send us your answer via DM on Twitter.

    We will have more and more challenges, of various difficulties. Feel free to contribute your own challenges as well! You can send them to us on our Twitter page. Looking forward to see what you have in stock to share with others.

    Good luck. Be quick.


    Finally, a new blog entry after all this time.

    As you can see, there has been a makeover of the homepage for Edinburgh 2600 meetings. And with this makeover comes other news.

    First of all, we are moving the meetings start time to 6:00 PM, and will make The Amber Rose our go-to location unless otherwise specified. We have learned from our first few meetings that this should make it easier for anyone willing to attend. We will stay at this location for about two hours (not a fixed timing), giving time for folks to settle, drink a few, and eat if they wish to do so. After what, we may move to another local bar or pub within the city centre. As usual, the meetings will last until the last two participants part ways.

    In addition to that, we are currently developing friendly challenges, as well as larger events in collaboration with the local hacker community. So stay tuned for this kind of news, which will more than likely appear on our Twitter page.

    Finally, and as you may have noticed, we have a new logo that we believe represent better this 2600 chapter. You can learn more about its composition in our "about" section of this site.

    If you would like to get more involved with us, we welcome any form of help, including your own challenges and blog entries, event or presentation ideas, and venue suggestions. If that is something you may be interested in, feel free to reach out by sending us a direct message on Twitter.


    Hello again!

    As mentioned in the previous blog entry, the first meeting will start on 06/01/17.

    For whoever is planning to show up, we will gather at 5 pm for a duration of 30 minutes, between 1780 and Dirty Dick's (links to these locations can be found on the main page of this website). We will then head to a local pub for as long as the last two participants can hold their drinks and have *some* form of discussion.

    If you get lost, you can always tweet or send a private message to the associated Twitter account.

    If you are reading this and planning on coming, then looking forward to meeting you this Friday!


    Hello, World!

    It is with great pleasure that we are announcing the commencement of 2600 meetings in Edinburgh. If you are unfamiliar with these meetings, here is a quote from the official 2600 site:

    "2600 Meetings exist as a forum for all interested in technology to meet and talk about events in technology-land, learn, and teach. Meetings are open to anyone of any age or level of expertise."

    After attending 2600 London, we thought it would be great to have those in Edinburgh. We thoroughly enjoyed the atmosphere over there, and hopefully it will attract more hackers around the city and Scotland.

    Please spread the word if you see this. The first meeting will start from January 2017, at a soon-to-be-announced location. For now, you can follow the Twitter account for these meetings @Edinburgh2600. Most likely other social media accounts will be created. If you are willing to give a hand with the organisation do not hesitate to send a direct message on Twitter.