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Next meeting on Friday the 6th of November 2020
From 6pm @ Nobles bar in Leith

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Edinburgh 2600 meetings were started in January 2017, and are similar to those held around the world. Hackers, crackers, geeks, hats of any colour, technology enthusiasts, hacktivists, and other like-minded folks are most welcome. We do not judge anyone and everyone has something to contribute, no matter their level of expertise.

We meet in a public area. Nobody is excluded. There is no admission charge or dues of any sort. We have nothing to hide and we don't presume to judge who is worthy of attending and who is not. If law enforcement harasses us, it will backfire as it did at the infamous Washington DC meeting in 11/92. (You can find more information on this event in the Secret Service section of the 2600 website.)

Our ambition is to organise these meetings in Edinburgh on a monthly basis, as well as getting involved with the local hacker community or anyone with an interest in it. This can be in the form of joint meetups, or local events, including but not limited to: crypto parties, competitions, and educational reach.

our logo

Our logo is a combination of the 2600 "government seal", and the Wallace clan coat of arms.

The Wallace clan coat of arms was modified to fit modern times. The sword was replaced with a keyboard; the crown with the Queen's; and the belt transformed into a Cat cable.